About The National LightHouse Foundation

“Lighting Paths for the world to follow- One Child at a Time”

Who We Are...

The National Lighthouse Foundation (NLHF) positively impacts the lives of young people, primarily through innovative strategies that create change. We forge partnerships with community and civic leaders, entertainers, corporate sponsors, schools and other organizations that understand of youth programming centered around health, wellness and education.


The mission is to uplift and educate youth from challenging backgrounds and their families by combining holistic healthy interventions, mentorship and life skill training to equip kids with skills to increase their ability to create a healthier future.

Organizational History...

The National Lighthouse Foundation is a non-profit community centered outreach program that provides a continuous path to success for our nation’s youth. The Foundation is dedicated to fostering healthy environments while allowing children to reach their full enrichment, fitness and social potential. It is achieved through merit and need-based scholarships, grants and charitable contributions. The Foundation seeks to create outstanding citizens by developing promising opportunities for the youth to excel in this country.

Since its inception, year 2000, the Foundation remains committed to making a difference in children’s lives by addressing issues such as academia, professionalism, maturity, and financial success. The National Lighthouse Foundation is lighting paths for the world to follow- one child at a time.

Program Purpose, Approach and Design...

The Light House Foundation provides assistance for under served youth by providing opportunities that promote positive outcomes. This program will provide informal instruction and active learning through guided hands on classroom training.
Opportunities for new roles and responsibilities through nurturing their assets, team building activities and community involvement.
Emotional support: college interns will assist with the youth with their ability to relate and meet the students where they are in life.
Motivational Speeches and engagements that combine entertainers, community and civic leaders a platform to speak to the kids.
Health Initiatives: We have developed effective resources, tools, information and training for health agencies, organizations and individuals to help improve performance and community health outcomes.

The Visionary

"We Are Here For You"

    "Every One Deserves an Oppurtunity to Thrive."
J.R. Henderson, a native of Atlanta and authentic “Grady-­‐baby” as they are called, had that ‘IT’ factor; that relentless spirit of forward motion and the ability to implement and execute a vision. His life starting from his birth in Atlanta to the place he would stand between two crack addicted parents wondering what his future would hold. Bleak to anyone else possibly, but J.R.’s inner voice would tell him, this is what you’re living, but this is not your life. That’s what’s called J.R. to his philanthropic fight for the cause of lost children and youth. Inevitably being tossed from one foster care facility and group home to another, J.R. held on tight for the ride of his life. He positioned himself in areas of life that would expose him to greater opportunities and greater rewards. A graduate of Paine College, University of Notre Dame/Haiti and University of Johannesburg/South Africa, JR. Henderson holds degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science and International Studies and is yet matriculating at Kaplan University where he is pursuing a Master of Science in Education. Education is the key component in his plight to cultivate the talent of the youth in foster care. ‘It’s the confidence of having knowledge and information that allows us to live well in this competitive society made in large part of the fortunate and affluent,’ says Henderson. J.R.’s educational background developed his enterprising spirit as he founded and is the Executive Director of The National Lighthouse Foundation a solution focused 501 c3 entity that confronts the challenges associated with the lack of fundamental resources in disenfranchised communities and social circumstances across the nation. His enterprising spirit never taking him off his philanthropic path, J.R. became a force in the area of child advocacy lending his influence in the way of keynote public speaking and non-­‐profit partnerships. Mr. Henderson has also lent himself to the Hundreds of College and High School Graduations Across the Country, Children' s Defense Fund , Department of Family and Children Services , Department of Education , United Way , Project Grad , Jane Fonda Foundation , Georgia Center for Working Families , Metro-­‐Atlanta Youth Opportunities Initiative , Georgia Welfare County Association and The Coca-­‐Cola Foundation . In 2012, he was named one of eight “Powerprenuers” by the City of Atlanta and Black Enterprise Magazine. In addition, this year inducted into the National UNCF Hall of Fame as the youngest inductee to ever receive the award. He has received numerous other awards and recognitions from organizations such as the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, NAACP, United Way , The National Heritage Foundation and many more. In addition to public speaking, mentorships and non-­‐profit partnerships.

Our Programs

The Beacon and Rays of Light – Leadership Institute is a leadership initiative sponsored by The National Lighthouse Foundation. The objective of the program is to foster academic excellence while building leadership skills among Georgia's youth. The 10-week experience includes seminars ranging from S.A.T. Prep, financial literacy, and independent living skills, to public speaking, and leadership/professional development. The leadership Institute includes a College Tour, Oratorical Contest, Talent Showcase, and numerous networking opportunities and other activities.
The Foundation seeks to enhance the lives of Georgia's most talented and gifted youth; affording them opportunities that may not have been readily available. Unlike other youth programs, the National Lighthouse Foundation has made a sound commitment to remain supportive in the lives of all participants throughout their undergraduate years and beyond.
How to apply?
Applications along with all other supporting documents are available on this website and must be submitted by April 30th of each program year.

What is the qualifying criterion?

All applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.25 (4.0 scale), have taken the PSAT or SAT at least once, be a rising senior, and exhibit leadership within their school or community. Such leadership experience will be evidenced by participation in extracurricular activities and community service projects.
How much does it cost to participate?
The entire Leadership Institute is funded by The National Lighthouse Foundation and its partners at no cost to our students.
Beacons and Rays of Light Creed
A Lighthouse, a tower with a strong foundation and a very bright light. High upon a rock it leads the way for whoever dares to tackle the sea's uncharted waters.
Beacon is a light designed to guide. 
Ray is a beam of radiant energy.
Beacons and Rays represent the young men and women of The National Lighthouse Foundation's Leadership Institute who dare to tackle the uncharted domains of our society and leave a lighted path for others to follow.
Together these three shall illuminate the far reaches of the earth by letting their lights shine for the world to see.
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Math and Reading Wizards is a supplemental educational program focused on mastery in the areas of math, language arts, and reading. It is a high quality program based on years of research designed primarily to increase overall student academic achievement. The program exemplifies the following principles that contribute to its success:
A. Parental Contact 
B. A well-suited classroom and learning environment with 8:1 student/teacher ratio 
C. Accessibility to all learners
D. Mastery prior to advancement
Kathy Cox, Former State Superintendent of Schools stated "I won't be satisfied until every student in Georgia graduates from high school and is ready for what comes next". This statement is the foundation of the Foundation’s Math and Reading Wizards program. We believe that all children have enormous, unseen, untapped potential to learn and grow. The program takes a different approach to each student because each child learns at different rates. Math and Reading Wizards allows them to progress at their own pace by offering individualized tutorial sessions for each child. The Foundation’s methodology includes starting a child off at a comfortable point where he or she can perform at a proficient level and then creating an atmosphere of confidence that systematically leads to higher academic achievement.
"The family is the most influential indicator of human behavior ….The family unit is the first and earliest institution for teaching and modeling self-esteem, survival techniques, adaptive capacities and perseverance" Baker Hill, 1996
When programs work together with families to support learning, children are inclined to succeed not just in school, but throughout life. Students are motivated to learn when they know that someone cares about them and their successes in life.
The objective of the Math and Reading Wizards Program is not only to improve performance in the areas of math and reading, but to introduce these subjects in a way that allows the students to discover a sense of pride and relevance to the world around them.
The Math and Reading Wizards Program is committed to establishing learning environments that are conducive to student achievement and accessible to all learners. Ensuring that, research shows that effective programs consider class size, mode of instruction, and program timeliness when being structured.
Our 8:1 student/teacher ratio is one component that has contributed to the success of Math and Reading Wizards. Ms. Maria Alverez, a parent in Buford City Schools stated, "Now that my son has been able to get the attention that he needed, I have notice a big difference in his grades." Lower student/teacher ratios are positively related to higher mathematics achievement.
The Math and Reading Wizards Program creates a solid foundation in a variety of math and reading levels. So that no student is overlooked, tutorial is tailored and customized in a way that allows students to learn individually. This promotion of independence pushes the students to be self-reliant learners, thereby establishing the confidence needed for them to excel in academics as well as standardized testing. The following are program strategies that Math and Reading Wizards incorporates in its day-to-day learning process:

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